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While talking with the people in Objet's booth at the NDES, they were
building a small part (.3" x 3" x 1.25") in multiples of 8 parts (0.0008"
slice) and mentioned that the machine would complete a build approximately
every 35 minutes. I don't know how the compares to the Z-Corp, however it
did traverse the build area quickly.

Some question I would like to answer at the RP&M is if the support material
needs to be solid under the entire part as is was with the part I received.
What is the planed software development for the first year? When will the
machine be out of Beta and ready for sale? What is the cost of the resin
going to be? What is the support material being used and does it use half
of the jets?

It looks like a very interesting process and appears to have great
potential. "That's just my opinion, I could be wrong."

Note: the parts Liquid Hone very nicely and this appears to improve the
feel as well as eliminate the support material in-between the features.

Carl Dekker

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> Does anyone know anything about the build times for this machine in
> comparison to a Z-Corp or Thermojet printer? With these stated layer
> thickness', I'm afraid the build times would be extremely long in
> comparison.
> Any info would be greatly appreciated,
> David Grelewicz
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> >Is that a typo, or will it actually give a 0.0008 inch layer thickness?<
> Doug,
> This is correct. The machine is capable of 0.0004 inch (10 micron)
> but they are currently buidling 0.0008 inch (20 micron) layers to minimize
> the time it takes to slice and process the data.
> Terry
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