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The first thing to check is that the file you have created can be read by
the viewer. Many systems still export VRML 1.0 whereas most viewers like
VRML 2.0. My experiences with these files is that VRML 2.0 is not downwardly
Failing this try a new viewer. I had a similar incident and solved it by
downloading a number of viewers, two out of five worked? There are many
fancy viewers, but the most robust in my view is cosmos (


Chris Lawrie
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  Dear List,

  We are using Mimics from Materialise to do 3D reconstruction of CT-data
and now we are trying to export .wrl-files to be used for other downstream
applications. When we are trying to view the .wrl-files in a VRML-viewer, we
just get a black screen. Does anyone know what you have to do to these
.wrl-files to be able to use them? I assume that you have to apply material,
lights or color to the part, but how. Any help would be useful at this

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