Re: Does anyone have experience with the JP5 system

Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 19:25:30 EET


We use JP5 in the class room to teach students about RP. The machine is
used heavily for about two weeks each fall and spring. (30-60 parts in two
weeks). We are usually making small parts you can hold in your hand.

The quality is dependent on the operator's patience and skill level. I
would say that at best, the quality approaches that of LOM, but the quality
is typically worse. (We usually have beginners using the system who are
making their first or second part.)

The advantages of JP5 are:

        very low cost for both machine and parts

        safe and reliable

        very fast
(The machine can easily do a part an hour, with the students assembling
their parts on their own time.)

After having said this, you should note that I'm biased, my students and i
developed JP5.



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