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Agreed Steve!

We seem to be quick to stomp on new technologies if we can't get the answers
within minutes! As for burning out acrylates...given the right knowledge
anything can be burned out! It will become a matter of the foundry wanting
to modify or change their current process. We did it with QuickCast and I'd
be willing to bet we will do it with this. As for small features not
burning out or ash content from QuickCast patterns (referencing Al's earlier
email) At Williams International we have noticed minimal ash content when
burning our QC patterns the amount is so small that we rinse the shell with
water and let it dry (something that we do with all of our shells)! As for
the smallest feature... we have burned out as much as 0.200" thick walls. I
am not a liberty to give details on how we do this. We do this on a daily
basis and have for several years. As with all other materials if you spend
the time and effort developing a course of action then success is
attainable. Having said all that we would prefer wax to resins and other RP
materials but we do not have the machines that can deliver the parts in the
materials that we are accustomed to. Just as other industries have yet been
able to acquire materials they would like.


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Hey, don't get rabid on these guys just yet.

This technology is very innovative. I think they are overwhelmed with hits
on their web site and e-mail inquiries.

>From my conversation with Objet at NDES, they are still 4-6 months away from
having a unit for sale. Investment casting applications may be the last
thing on their mind right now. That question may not be answered until a
user gets hold of the system.

I can tell you the resin system is an acrylate, so you tell me, do acrylates
burn out?

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>On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Jim Pike wrote:
>> Objet,
>>, does the machine build with a material that burns out??
>I don't know the answer, but I wanted to mention that Objet is in fact
>at home and answering mail: Joseph Kowen wrote back.
>He said that they haven't yet found out whether their material burns
>out. But he did offer to send a sample, and soon after I get it, I
>will know all.

I asked them weeks ago for samples to test precision cast from and have not
had the courtesy of a response from them.
Best Regards, Tom Richards, Metallurgist

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