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On my opinion, BLAXXUN CONTACT is better.
You can download it at:

You may download, too, VRCREATOR, at
(See a description at )

If you still have problems to see your 3D object, you will have to open
the file in a text editor and to modify by hand some VRML tags [nodes]
(generaly at the beginning of the file).


Chris Lawrie wrote:

> OlaThe first thing to check is that the file you have created can be
> read by the viewer. Many systems still export VRML 1.0 whereas most
> viewers like VRML 2.0. My experiences with these files is that VRML
> 2.0 is not downwardly compatible.Failing this try a new viewer. I had
> a similar incident and solved it by downloading a number of viewers,
> two out of five worked? There are many fancy viewers, but the most
> robust in my view is cosmos ( Lawrie
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> Dear List, We are using Mimics from Materialise to do 3D
> reconstruction of CT-data and now we are trying to export
> .wrl-files to be used for other downstream applications.
> When we are trying to view the .wrl-files in a VRML-viewer,
> we just get a black screen. Does anyone know what you have
> to do to these .wrl-files to be able to use them? I assume
> that you have to apply material, lights or color to the
> part, but how. Any help would be useful at this point. Ola
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