RP machine for manufacturing shoe lasts

From: Marcello Traversi (traversi@cesvit.it)
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 14:09:26 EEST

------ this is a Technology Request ------

Rapid prototyping for shoe last realisation

The rapid prototyping machine is to realise a last designed on a last CAD.
The last company uses the machine to quickly produce a physical model for
the customer.
A shoe company having a last CAD can realise in own home the last in all
A shoe company can produce the last model received by email from last
company in a very short time.
Benefits: shortening of the last model production times; reduction of last
production process costs; increasing of secretiveness.

The action is part of a project aimed to develop a shoe last codesign system
between the last company and the shoe company. The design system is based on
CAD, but the shoe company want to have also the physical model. To avoid
times and costs related to the last model forwarding from the last company
to the shoe company, we want to introduce a rapid prototyping system. The
system will be able to realise the last near the shoe company. Now there are
machines (for example from New Last) able to produce a last model in less
than thirty minutes, but these systems are expensive (about 100.000 Euro)
and, to realise the prototype, they adopt the method used by the last
production machines. The adoption of real rapid prototyping system allows to
the shoe company to produce not only lasts but also heels.
The project needs a rapid prototyping machine complies with the following
- last production time < 30 minutes
- cost < 50000 Euro
- accuracy > 0,1 mm

The machine will be useful also for the last company, to quickly realise

To increase the usefulness, the last company requires that the machine uses
a material allowing manual changes. In this way the last designer is able to
modify the last in front of the customer (as now with the wood model),
without to make the change on CAD and waiting for the next prototyping.

The system is useful to define the last model and to produce a first shoe
If there wasn't manual modification on the physical last, the CAD last model
used for the prototyping will be used to produce the last model with all the
requirements (articulations and so on) needed to realise the real shoe


This technology request is involved in a project aimed to develop a shoe
last co-design system.

Marcello Traversi
Agenzia per l'Alta Tecnologia CESVIT SpA

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