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Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 17:34:42 EEST


Are you trying to fully infiltrate (densify) with the supplied resin? I've
noticed that the parts we have infiltrated are essentially just 'surface
coated' where the resin only penetrates about 1-2 mm into the part. The
penetration depth was so shallow that we didn't even notice an increase in
green strength on our test bars. It seems that if the best we can achieve
is shallow infiltration, then a spray technique would be much more

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We are making large parts on our Z402 3D Printer. It is very
time consuming to coat a large part with the ZR10 resin from
the supplied container.

Does anyone reading this have any alternative infiltrant they
use or a different method of applying the ZR10 ?

Is it possible to use a bath of ZR10 or does the resin harden
quickly in such a situation ?

Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Mark Lee
Agilent Technologies


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