RP Test Parts

From: Michael D. Sherwin (mds210@psu.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 04:09:35 EEST

Hello to all....

My name is Mike Sherwin and I am a graduate student (Industrial and
Manufacturing Engineering) at Penn State University. Currently, I am
enrolled in Dr. Sanjay Joshi's rapid prototyping course. The course
requires completion of a group research project. Myself and another student
are involved in obtaining a library of test parts used in the rapid
prototyping process. We are interested in studying the effect of
that various geometries have on dimensional repeatability as well as
accuracy. In addition, we plan on looking at these effects in terms of
different types of rp processes (SLA,LOM, etc.).

I was wandering if any of you are aware of any literature in this area, as
well as possible resources that may be able to help us in obtaining test
parts in order to do this study? Your suggestions are welcome. I thank
you for
your time and consideration.

Additionally, I was wandering if any of you might have the answers to a few
questions that I have regarding this project, having already reviewed some
literature and some parts from various sources:

1. What is the reasoning behind the different test part geometries?
2. What is the geometry trying to verify?
3. Are you aware of any part independent ways of measuring the error budget
on rapid prototyping machines?
4. Are you aware of any ISO or other standards that apply to calibration,
etc. of rapid prototyping machines that may include test parts?
5. What other processes (ie, coordinate measuring machines) are you aware
of that may use test parts that measure the accuracy of their system?

Thanks in advance,
Mike Sherwin
Michael D. Sherwin
Graduate Research Assistant
The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
215 Leonhard Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-863-2378 (office)
Phone: 814-867-2276 (home)
Email: mds210@psu.edu

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