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Here are some references:

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(This one I will mail separately to you, Michael)

RAPTECH, a European Commission supported project with comprehensive results:

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> Angående: RP Test Parts
> Hello to all....
> My name is Mike Sherwin and I am a graduate student (Industrial and
> Manufacturing Engineering) at Penn State University. Currently, I am
> enrolled in Dr. Sanjay Joshi's rapid prototyping course. The course
> requires completion of a group research project. Myself and another
> student
> are involved in obtaining a library of test parts used in the rapid
> prototyping process. We are interested in studying the effect of
> that various geometries have on dimensional repeatability as well as
> accuracy. In addition, we plan on looking at these effects in terms of
> different types of rp processes (SLA,LOM, etc.).
> I was wandering if any of you are aware of any literature in this area, as
> well as possible resources that may be able to help us in obtaining test
> parts in order to do this study? Your suggestions are welcome. I thank
> you for
> your time and consideration.
> Additionally, I was wandering if any of you might have the answers to a
> few
> questions that I have regarding this project, having already reviewed some
> literature and some parts from various sources:
> 1. What is the reasoning behind the different test part geometries?
> 2. What is the geometry trying to verify?
> 3. Are you aware of any part independent ways of measuring the error
> budget
> on rapid prototyping machines?
> 4. Are you aware of any ISO or other standards that apply to calibration,
> etc. of rapid prototyping machines that may include test parts?
> 5. What other processes (ie, coordinate measuring machines) are you aware
> of that may use test parts that measure the accuracy of their system?
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike Sherwin
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