Al Cast from SLA Quickcast for UCF

From: Aaron A Mieswinkel (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 01:10:51 EEST

The University of Central Florida Chapter of the Society of Automotive
Engineers needs an aluminum cast produced from an SLA quickcast that we will
make in-house.

The casting is utilized on a prototype open-wheel race vehicle designed and
manufactured for the highly competitive Formula SAE (FSAE) annual design
competition. The casting is of a proprietary fuel/air induction manifold
made in two pieces, approx bounding box of 10x10x6" and 5x5x1".

UCF FSAE is funded by sponsors willing to support the future leaders in
automotive and motorsport engineering. UCF FSAE would like to find a
company, university, etc willing to produce these castings from our
quickcasts for the cost of shipping and ingot.

ProE *.prt files are available (as well as any other format upon request).

Thank you

Aaron A Mieswinkel
Team Leader - Formula Engine Systems

UCF Engineering Motorsports
P.O Box 940583
Maitland, FL 32794-0583
407.823.6184 SAE R&D Shop
407.539.8092 Pager
407.823.0208 Fax

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