DTM 2500+ warping

From: Trevor James (trevor_rp@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 17:06:52 EEST

Hi List -

I am working with 2 different service bureaus on a project, and I am having
trouble getting parts consistant. One has a 2500+, the other has a 2500 and
a 2500+. my parts look like a brake shoe, except they are 2" thick and
hollowed out from the bottom. At both service bureaus, if they build a
single layer the parts come out almost perfectly flat. If they build in
serval layers deep, the lowest layer show signs of warping, as much as .05"
bow. On the 2500, the parts are fine. My question is about the 2500+, is
there anything different about it from the 2500, that would cause heat to
build up in the cake as the builds get taller?

I am looking for any help on this

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