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From: Timothy J. Gornet (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 17:57:26 EEST

Trevor, we have had our SLS2500+ for a year now with no catastrophic problems. However, what may be of more interest is that DTM I believe is now going to offer several different options for maintenance that may be more cost effective for you. I think I just received a letter to that effect from them. Anyone from DTM want to elaborate on the options??


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>>> "Trevor James" <> 03/31 7:30 AM >>>
Hi All -

One of the service bureaus I use has a 2500+ from DTM. They are considering
taking advantage of the new multi-tier maintenance contract option offered
recently from DTM. The only question they have is are there any
catastrophic problems lurking out there with 2500+ machines? What I am
asking is, of all the current users of 2500+ machines, has anyone had any
major problems with them that would have been more expensive to repair than
the basic $34K maintenance contract?

Additionally, has anyone had to wait longer than an acceptable amount of
time to have their machine serviced?

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