Re: DTM 2500+ warping

From: David K. Leigh (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 19:58:29 EEST

Bottom line answer -- Settings.

If the parts are run at higher temps and lower laser power settings, you can
minimize the curl on the bottom. If all it is is some warping, you can post
process this in an oven to flatten it out. The 2500 and 2500plus are very
similar in thermal characteristics. The major changes are manufacturing and
feed piston configuration. If the parts run fine on the 2500, then they
should run fine on a 2500plus. Heat building up will not cause curl or
warping. Curl is caused by initial layers shrinking before subsequent
layers are fused on top. Warping can be caused by geometry or by pulling
parts out of the part cake prematurely.

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> Hi List -
> I am working with 2 different service bureaus on a project, and I am
> trouble getting parts consistant. One has a 2500+, the other has a 2500
> a 2500+. my parts look like a brake shoe, except they are 2" thick and
> hollowed out from the bottom. At both service bureaus, if they build a
> single layer the parts come out almost perfectly flat. If they build in
> serval layers deep, the lowest layer show signs of warping, as much as
> bow. On the 2500, the parts are fine. My question is about the 2500+, is
> there anything different about it from the 2500, that would cause heat to
> build up in the cake as the builds get taller?
> I am looking for any help on this
> Trev
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