thoughts on CAD translation errors

From: B. J. Arnold-Feret (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 19:33:55 EEST

I had a client come to me with a thought on translation errors going from
one CAD program to another that had some interesting aspects, and I was
wondering if anyone has data on it.

He notes that each solid surface file has thousands upon thousands of
facets, and anytime the whole file is translated there are bound to be a
certain percentage of errors, such as 5 to 10% as an example. If the file
has to go to an immediate step (as a breakdown to IGES) before it is
rendered into the new CAD program, there is another percentage of errors
compounded into the first set of errors. Therefore, his thought was that
any time you go to the translations from one porgram into another, you can
predict the amount of errors you will see based on the number of
translations, the percentage of errors inherent in each type or brand of
program, and steps that the translation has to go through prior to arriving
at the final rendering.

B. J. Arnold-Feret

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