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From: Jürgen F. Müller (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 10:11:50 EEST

Dear Mr. Mildwaters,

the only good way to built jeweelery parts is to use 307 or 355 config. To
smooth the surface you can use Isopropanylalcohol and kimwipes. Then you
will have the best reult for your job.


Jürgen F. Müller
Managing Director

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Subject: Surface Smoothing

> Hi list!
> I have a question regarding surface smoothing for MMII parts.
> The surface seems bark-like, and we are looking for a way to smooth out
> surface. We are in the jewellery industry, and while the surface finish is
> very good, we still need a finer finish, due to casting problems. Is there
> anything out there that does this?
> Thanks
> Grant Mildwaters
> Facet Manufacturing Jewellers
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