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From: Emil Vicale (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 15:15:17 EEST

Iso is a good way, another method is to leave the parts in a active water
solution for a longer period of time then use Iso. You can also use the same
hand methods and work the wax parts. Either way just take the time it is a slow
smoothing process time will make the parts better.

After making 10's of thousands of parts over the past 5 years we now scale the
parts up and go directly to metal then finish down the parts and use that part
for the mold. This seems to be the quickest and best way for us.

BBC Design Group

Facet Jewellers wrote:

> Hi list!
> I have a question regarding surface smoothing for MMII parts.
> The surface seems bark-like, and we are looking for a way to smooth out the
> surface. We are in the jewellery industry, and while the surface finish is
> very good, we still need a finer finish, due to casting problems. Is there
> anything out there that does this?
> Thanks
> Grant Mildwaters
> Facet Manufacturing Jewellers
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Emil Vicale
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