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What an interesting quote. Particularly that Mr. Rudgley speaks of a 3D fax
and not a 3D printer. I read this as an implication that 3D believes the
idea of scanning and transmitting an objects specifications is the
application that will make the technology widely commercially viable. This
is as opposed to the output from 3D design application that allmost all of
us are involved in. 3D faxing sidesteps (or at least makes transparent to
the user) all the problems of CAD, file formats,bad facets, translation etc
that we spend a great deal of time discussing.

I really do hope 3D systems really has the technology research and the
business model to support this statement and that it is not just
prognostication. Very exciting. At $1700 it would be a lot closer to me
than the corner high street!


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"Mervyn Rudgley, the senior director of business development at 3D Systems
in Valencia, California, believes this will happen sooner rather than
later. "In about five years, we will be producing 3-D fax machines for less
than 1,000, and they will be available in your local high-street store,"

Just found this interesting statement...........wonder how big the fax will
be...Thermolithography is it's name? TLA?


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