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Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 11:04:20 EEST

Dear Ed,

I have found the same information in a Sunday newspaper the 26th of march in Germany; probably it was the direct translation of the american version and the context was very much "in general".
So I asume it is "just" a 3D Systems international PR.


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>>> <> 04/04 11:03 >>>
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<< "Mervyn Rudgley, the senior director of business development at 3D Systems
 in Valencia, California, believes this will happen sooner rather than
 later. "In about five years, we will be producing 3-D fax machines for less
 than 1,000, and they will be available in your local high-street store,"
 Just found this interesting statement...........wonder how big the fax will
 be...Thermolithography is it's name? TLA?
Hi Elaine:

One thing that would be interesting to know is where you found this
statement. Was it in a magazine, whispered in your shell-like ear in a
corridor, or maybe it was a 3D fax you received? Different audiences require
different analogies and syllogisms for precise understanding of intent.

Speaking of precision - I can hardly wait to use the expression "Sucking the
mop." Thank you Sheba for introducing this wonderful phrase to me. I say
"me" because I'm probably the last one of "us" to hear it. Is this
expression a quote from Shakespeare? It should be!


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