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Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 18:25:10 EEST


I have what I consider to be some really good news. I just finished studying
some accuracy test parts that the good people at Sanders Design International
made for us on their new ToolMaker and they look great!

I noticed a few other notes were posted here about the new ToolMaker and I
thought that I too would share my experiences. We here at BD (this includes
Beth Israelnaim and Larry Monahan) have been on the lunatic fringe regarding
accuracy of RP machines over the years, and as such we had high hopes that the
original Sanders machines would have been really great, given their ability to
do fine features and ultra-thin layers. Unfortunately, they had an annoying
hysteresis problem in the XY carriage that kept them from reaching their
potential to make tooling masters for small parts (our application). I am
pleased to say that with their ToolMaker it appears that they have completely
eliminated the problem. Not just reduced it, but eliminated it. With the
proper pre-processing shrinkage adjustment (I calculated .002"/inch) the parts
built with +/- .0005 - .00075" scatter (residual random error) which is
exceptional. And yes, that is the right number of zeros! The surface finish is
also much better than before.

Is this a ready-to-go turnkey tooling master system? I dunno -- there are a
host of other boxes that need to be checked before I can say that, but the
accuracy was at the top of my list and it is checked off now. If you need an
accurate system for small parts or masters then give them a look.

BTW, I do not work for SDI, I don't get paid by them, I don't have any of their
stock, and we don't get any special deals from them for spreading good news.
I'm just an accuracy lunatic!

Also, if you would care to have any of the data that I used to draw these
conclusions then just send me a note, and I'll forward to you what I sent to

Have a good day!

- Rob Connelly
BD Technologies

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