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Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 03:50:14 EEST

Please let us know when you have information on the other critical areas like;
No of parts made
Time of parts builds
Machine problems like build stoppages, lost parts, jet life, etc.

Remember, once bitten, twice shy!!!!! wrote:

> RP-ML'ers,
> I have what I consider to be some really good news. I just finished studying
> some accuracy test parts that the good people at Sanders Design International
> made for us on their new ToolMaker and they look great!
> I noticed a few other notes were posted here about the new ToolMaker and I
> thought that I too would share my experiences. We here at BD (this includes
> Beth Israelnaim and Larry Monahan) have been on the lunatic fringe regarding
> accuracy of RP machines over the years, and as such we had high hopes that the
> original Sanders machines would have been really great, given their ability to
> do fine features and ultra-thin layers. Unfortunately, they had an annoying
> hysteresis problem in the XY carriage that kept them from reaching their
> potential to make tooling masters for small parts (our application). I am
> pleased to say that with their ToolMaker it appears that they have completely
> eliminated the problem. Not just reduced it, but eliminated it. With the
> proper pre-processing shrinkage adjustment (I calculated .002"/inch) the parts
> built with +/- .0005 - .00075" scatter (residual random error) which is
> exceptional. And yes, that is the right number of zeros! The surface finish is
> also much better than before.
> Is this a ready-to-go turnkey tooling master system? I dunno -- there are a
> host of other boxes that need to be checked before I can say that, but the
> accuracy was at the top of my list and it is checked off now. If you need an
> accurate system for small parts or masters then give them a look.
> BTW, I do not work for SDI, I don't get paid by them, I don't have any of their
> stock, and we don't get any special deals from them for spreading good news.
> I'm just an accuracy lunatic!
> Also, if you would care to have any of the data that I used to draw these
> conclusions then just send me a note, and I'll forward to you what I sent to
> SDI.
> Have a good day!
> - Rob Connelly
> BD Technologies
> 919-990-2263
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