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From: Timothy J. Gornet (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 17:27:57 EEST

Karl, unluckily it is not limited to your company only. We encourage everyone to attend the RP&M show who uses or wants to know about RP (as owners or users) and many companies, small and large have the same feeling. It is this same tunnel vision that stops most people from presenting the great work they are doing in RP at conferences and users's groups. Most companies believe that their competitors are not using the same technologies and applications that they are.

Just as critical are companies that have their own internal RP equipment and many of the engineers/designers don't know about it or don't know the applications for them. I am still amazed that after over 10 years of RP growth the number of engineers who are unaware of the technology. And at companies of all shapes and sizes. Or people who used the original SLA resin parts and think that all RP parts are brittle!

Still a lot of education and marketing that needs to be done to enlighten companies/engineers/students on these technologies and capabilities.

Sorry you can't make it. have a good one.

Tim Gornet Computer Aided Engineering Consultant
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>>> <> 04/06 8:38 AM >>>
To all attending the RP&M2000 event please give those of us that can not
attend an idea of what's going on when you return. In my company's great
out pouring of wisdom (or the lack of) they decided that there was nothing
that we could learn at this event. It seems now that we have a technology
my company has determined that we are the experts and there is nothing else
out there for us, is it just here or do other companies get this weird
tunnel vision thing going on?

Anyway I'm looking forward to reading some great trip reports!

Karl Denton
Lead Engineer
Williams International

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