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Don't worry Karl - you aren't the only one stuck in a black hole - my
company thinks the same way. They want to keep us chained to our tubes,
locked in the labs, or sweating on the assembly lines or tooling and fab
shops but to actually take the time and effort and look to see what else is
going on in the world? That is only for the enlightened and mentally
superior upper management. My company is slowly coming around but only
because upper management is starting to listen to those high-paid
consultants (Six Sigma, Lean Mfg., Supply Chain Management, Commodity Teams,
TQM teams, blah, blah, blah). I guess it's just too much for them to
believe that their own employees might just know a little about what's going
on out there and that we might just have the company's best interests at
heart and have an intimate knowledge of the company, its culture, and its
true capabilities, a lot more so than any consultants (and a lot more
inexpensive too!).

Tunnel Vision is not unique to any one particular person, group, dept., or
company, it seems to be an equal opportunity dysfunction! We can only hope
that somebody up there in the ivory towers has a little night vision to cut
through the fog of daily operations so that every once in a while real
progress and technology improvements can be made...


Glenn Whiteside

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> To all attending the RP&M2000 event please give those of us that can not
> attend an idea of what's going on when you return. In my company's great
> out pouring of wisdom (or the lack of) they decided that there was nothing
> that we could learn at this event. It seems now that we have a technology
> my company has determined that we are the experts and there is nothing
> out there for us, is it just here or do other companies get this weird
> tunnel vision thing going on?
> Anyway I'm looking forward to reading some great trip reports!
> Karl Denton
> Lead Engineer
> Williams International
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