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From: García Ana (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 15:07:21 EEST

                Dear all:

                I have a couple of questions where I would thank your help:

                1) We have been doing several ceramic shell investment
castings (aluminium and aluminium composites) using different types of RP
models (quickcast, sanders, castform, polystirene, and thermojet), and we
have found wetting problems only with the thermojet models. Can anybody help
me to avoid this problem?.

                2) Regarding the production of cast aluminum molds for the
manufacture of Shoe lasts: As far as I know the molds for the rubber soles
of the shoes are typically produced by casting aluminium alloys onto a
refractory plaster replica contained into a metallic box. Is the refractory
plaster employed in this process similar to that employed in the "plaster
investment casting" process? Or Is it a different type of plaster, with
lower requirements and easier handling and preparation?.

                Ana García
                Camino de Portuetxe 12
                San Sebastián 20.018

                Tel. 34 943 31 66 22
                Fax. 34 943 21 75 60

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