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Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 21:38:05 EEST


Summary: Sanders Prototype, Inc. announces new product, the

April 10, 2000 (Merrimack, NH) – Sanders Prototype, Inc. today announced
that the company will introduce its new product, the PatternMaster™
pattern making system, at the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing 2000
exhibition at the Rosemont Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois on
April 11 -13, 2000. Specifically designed for the industrial market
and featuring improved build times over existing SPI products, surface
finish and accuracy, the PatternMaster fulfills the rapid prototyping
market requirement for affordable cast-ready/tool-ready patterns.

"We are very excited about the speed of the PatternMaster," said David
Bothwell, president and CEO of Sanders Prototype. “In the industrial
arena, time-to-market is critical to a product's success and by using
the PatternMaster, manufacturers can stay in front of the continuous
time to market compression. Our industrial users have repeatedly stated
that our products' surface finish, accuracy and affordability are
superior to other systems. But speed was a deterrent. With the
introduction of the PatternMaster, SPI has overcome this challenge.

"The PatternMaster, priced at $76,900, complements the already
successful ModelMaker II system. Based on the research we've done and
from listening to our customers and prospects, we expect our sales
revenue to double for the second consecutive year following the
PatternMaster's start-shipment in June 2000."

 Capable of layer thickness as fine as 0.0005 in. and holding a
tolerance of 0.001 in. in the X, Y and Z axes, the PatternMaster meets a
wide range of modeling and molding applications not addressed by other
rapid tooling systems. With surface finish resolutions of 32-63
micro-inches (RMS), patterns require virtually no secondary finishing.
The patterns produced are ideal for use with RTV silicone,
epoxy-aluminum, investment casting, powdered metal, Kirksite™ and spray
metal tooling molds.

 "Users of the PatternMaster will be able to create patterns in real
time, verify the design, and go to cast or tool processes the next day,"
said Bothwell. "Our customers can now achieve the accuracy, speed and
precision that the market demands."

 The PatternMaster runs in an office environment and interfaces with PC
workstations using industry-standard CAD programs that output formats
such as .STL, .SLC, .DXF, and OBJ. The materials used are non-toxic and
facility modifications are not required.

 Sanders Prototype, Inc., a privately-held company, manufactures the
ModelMaker and PatternMaster systems in Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA.

Web Site: www.sanders-prototype.com.
E-mail contact: precision@sanders-prototype.com

Further Information:
Bruce Lustig 603-429-9700, ext. 221 or blustig@sanders-prototype.com
David Bothwell 603-429-9700, ext. 202 or dbothwell@sanders-prototype.com

Graphic images of the PatternMaster and printed material available upon

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