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From: Murphy, John P (Murphy@udri.udayton.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 05:52:22 EEST

        If any of you have contacts at facilities with security related
Government contracts (military) you could probably legally discover a recent
briefing outling the most popular and least expensive way to look for
potential sources of useful technology not readily available in certain
countries. Posing as a student, especially a grad student, asking for
mundane info is apparently considered a good way to start a dialogue with
people who know "things of interest" This method works well enough that
there are security briefings given on watching out for these innocent
        I may be a little paranoid, but there have been a lot more of these
of "I am an ignorant but interested student, tell me everything you know"
type questions in the past few months.

Murphy John P Contr AFRL/PRPS [John.Murphy2@wpafb.af.mil]

Dear List:

Okay - I am really confused by this. Why is a student from a Utah
University sending a message in German to the RP mailing list? We are in
Utah and there is also a ton of RP info available at the U of U form either
Dr. Thomas or Dr. Drake.

However, this brings up another subject. At my company, we are constantly
asked for information about Rapid Prototyping. Most of the time it is from
individuals that are new to the technology and have a large learning curve.
Could we not refer these people to a source at the SME or some other
organization that would provide the basic information that these individuals

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