Book on "How to Invent Almost Anything"

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Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 10:36:26 EEST

Thought some on the list might find this of interest.




We are planning to publish our book now. How to Invent Almost Anything!
Got great reviews so far!

To keep it as we want it for this first professional edition we have
decided to publish it ourselves, with a professional publications
agency. This will ensure high quality and solid content.

As the cost of publication this way is initially high any help you can
give to promote the book is most welcome and of course if you would like
to order
a copy for yourself that would be great.

The book is not simply another book about TRIZ. It is an integration of
what we have learnt about the psychology of innovation, the science of
innovation and innovation processes such as TRIZ and Synectics. It is a
manual for learning and using TRIZ.

Please circulate as you see fit.

Thanks - your help is really appreciated!

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For those going to TRIZCON 200 in Nashua - see you there!

Graham Rawlinson -

New book - "How to Invent Almost Anything" - an easy introduction to the art and
science of innovation
Consultancy and Facilitation Processes - Innovation for people, products and
services - TRIZ specialists


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