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Is this the return of CanAm/vacuum cleaner car/ground effect
machine/Chapparal type racing?
Neat racing, these race cars can go VERY fast with less chance of injuries
due to locked wheels in open-wheel racing such as Indy cars. I hope the
interest in this type of racing increases - they need to get the word out
about it more.

-Glenn Whiteside

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> Hi, I'm interested in getting a solid model file done of a LeMans Racecar.
> have include some web address's below that will show you pictures of the
> exact car body I would like to be designed and cut in foam. Take a look at
> these pictures and let me know if anyone can do it and what your ideas
> Also if anyone knows a shop that can make a full scale foam cutout. I have
> included as many photos as possible to let you get a good idea of the
> If anyone out there already has the programing done for any kind of
> body style car please let me know. Any help would be great, feel free to
> me any questions,
> Thanks
> Brian Degener
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