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Dear Vesna,

We communicate with all kinds of 3d-CAD systems, some most 'exotic' ones. When we look over the last half year on .stl files wich were created and send to us for manufacturing, we clearly see that ACIS base systems construct less consistent .stl files. We recommend our customers using ACIS-based software to export .sat files of wich we then make an .stl file ourselves.

Of course every CAD systems makes mistakes once and a while, so does ours. My mail ain't an accusation (John Wright), it's ment as a hint to Spatial to look over this fact before hanging out the flag on the Bits2Parts-activity. We all (RP'ers) are helped by it (ref. John & Bob)

JB Ventures BV - the Netherlands
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    Nice, nice ....
    First Spatial (usw. Autodesk) must fix thier .STL generator in order to be succesfull in RP. We regulary receive .STL models from Mech.Desktop wich are a real disaster to handle/repair, and often can't be used for running on our Genisys FDM.
    Anyone experienced these kind of problems too? We now usually export the ACIS-kernel-format and switch it to Parasolid-kernel-format (Vero Visi-series) If we then make a .STL export, in 9 of 10 time a correct .STL file is made.
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    Jorn Berends
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        Check out the press release at

        which tells all about the new web-based service for the rapid prototyping industry. The site will streamline the RFQ process, allows management and tracking of RFQs and easy transmission of design data to chosen recipients. the site is currently under closed testing but will be available over the next few weeks. All manufacturers and vendors wishing to participate when the site goes live are welcome to send a message to to be included on the site.

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        Spatial Inc.

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