Old SLA500 Problems

From: ray888@hongkong.com
Date: Sun Apr 16 2000 - 20:48:09 EEST

 Dear RPers,

I get a very urgent questions about a SLA500/20 series.
We are using the 1.6.1 build software to control teh machine. And now it suddenly had some error messages before building. It is showed as following:
" Floating Point Error was Detected."
And I am thinking that there should have some problems in the STL file or the slicing process, so I tried to use a bff file which was successfully built before.
But the same error message came out.

Then I try to use a newer version building software ( it is version And in this time, there has another ne error messages came out.
"[abra.c ?500] Fatal:
Failed to locate the swallow sensor."
In this case, I can use software to find the location of the swallow sensor, and save in the computer, but when I build again. The same error message came out.

So now, I am looking for people who have a build software version 1.7.2 for 500/20, and is there any body here can give me some suggestions?


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