Home made SLS for a sci-fair project.

From: Robin Stoddart (robin99@home.com)
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 01:52:03 EEST

Hello all,

A while ago, I posted some questions about SLS as I was doing a science fair

Well, I entered the fair, and of ~400 people, 30 were chosen to go on and
represent Toronto at the Canada-Wide fair in London Ontario. I was one of
those 30.

Here are some pictures of my CNC mill table and laser that I built, and will
be using to move and sinter the powder:


BTW, the X-Y stage took about 70 hours to machine.

Now, the table moves fairly slowly (takes at least a minute to get from end
to end of each axis) Anyway, I'm wondering if there is any metal/plastic
material for SLS that will work with my X-Y stage, and the 20W CO2 I'll be
using? I think metal would probably be more suited because of its higher
melting point.


Robin Stoddart

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