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The real link is:
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Hi Elaine,
I tried to follow your link, but it didn't work. Is there a mistake in
Second I am interested in the smal injection moulding machine. Can you help
me with a webv site or the name of the company?
Thank you

Wolfram Oldörp

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>'s over and we are all getting back home to digest what

> If you attended the conference you heard about METALS. These technologies
> are progressing along very nicely and I learn of one new company. I was
> fascinated by the Japanese work on Incremental Forming of Sheet Metal and
> 50,000rpm. Look at for more information. Also they
> presented E-Darts system at 38K, Liquid Crystal Projection ...

> I also found a mini injection-molding machine in either a one or two ounce
> reasons. Contact: 440-564-7210. The system was in Joe Frantz booth.
> Partying on!
> Elaine
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