Re: 3D Digitizing sources in So. Cal

From: Johan Gout (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 19:52:37 EEST

Kelly, thanks for directing a scanning request to CTEK. We at Capture 3D do alot of the scanning for CTEK. We have an optical based scanning system with variable measuring volumes which allows the same system to scan full size cars as well as 2 inch tall entertainment sculptings.

Does Satelite ever have the need to go from physical models to a digital model?

Johan Gout
Capture 3D

"You have it physically...
                   ... we give it to you digitally"
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  Subject: 3D Digitizing sources in So. Cal

  You might try CTEK in Santa Ana. Their number is 714- 431-1190. In No. Cal.
  try ScanSite at 415-472-1073.

  Kelly Hand

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