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From: Phil Reeves (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 11:29:30 EEST

I know this is not the obvious list to ask but does anyone in the UK have experience of an IT implementation consultancy capable of scoping, supplying, implementing and providing training for an ERP systems. I am working with a company currently running an old DOS based network controlling everything from sales enquiries, orders processing, bill of materials, MRP, design and document control through to invoicing. Someone out there must have been caught up in one of this monumental IT restructuring processes in the past. We want to avoid as many headaches as possible. As a benchmark the company is a mechanical design and manufacturing business in the oil industry, has 100 employees, 40 PC's and turns over 5.5M.

Any pointers to good help would be greatly appreciated


Phil Reeves - Project Manager
Edward Mackenzie Consulting

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