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From: Elaine Hunt (ehunt@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 22:15:00 EEST

You can add to this list until May 1st and then we will vote on top 5 items
of importance to you.
Send addition directly to me ehunt@clemson.edu.

Set RP-ML netique rules
RP-ML would move to a sorted/categorized list so that users could register
as targets for selective subjects
RP materials same as production materials
Promote the technology in the area of innovations, i.e. Move shows to CA or NY
Sell to innovators first, then manufacturing will follow
Get a course to hypnotist traditional toolmakers so they realize that RP&T
is crucial for their survival
Get to Rapid Manufacturing ASAP customer wants products not tools
Standards for Benchmarking materials (mechanical properties, temperature
limitations, costs) and machine capabilities (build speed, volumetric build
rates, operating costs)
One-button touch rapid manufacturing of multi-material products
Effective collaboration between R&D Institutes to achieve about mentioned wish
Wider variety of materials
Production machines
Intelligent materials (multi-layers, composites)
Production parts
Development in Material and Process for modeling of design and
manufacturing items
The creation of a new group that links the CAD/CAE, tooling industry and RP
Focus on the education of the family, children, parents, and grandparents
in the new technologies to advance RP.
RP Process that creates a true living hinge part (PP)
Direct Metal process for small feature tooling with tight tolerance control.
RPMLers would be less enthusiastic about public flaming those who post
Create a library for different subjects like 3D printing, tooling, material
that can be accesses even for olde discussions.
Fast parts for functional test (e.g. engine manifolds, heads, auto
transmission impeller)
Fast tools for stamping sheet metal parts (e.g. fenders, automotive hoods)
Far better CAD tools (organic shapes)
More cultural/racial/gender diversity in the industry
Employment/placement tools (better than current)
Profitable cooperation
Direct AL or Mg metal parts from machine
Please don't comment on bad etiquette more than one time preferably not at all
Engineering like materials from RP systems
What do people think about Objet?
Realistic Functional resins in a timely manner
Realistic and fair prices for equipment and resins
Need Website Phone directory for information (experts, users, suppliers, etc)
I wish for even more quickly made patterns with ever finer resolution and
surface finish from the "solidify droplets of wax-like material placed onto
succeeding layers" processes, for my investment casting processes.
"RP to produce 'real' assemblies in one go with
'real' tolerances+surface-finish, 'real' materials and 'real' color".
I wish for ever finer polystyrene powders placed in ever thinner layers
and wax impregnated from the "glue succeeding layers of powder
together" processes, which would provide me with ever finer resolution and
surface finish, and even more quickly made, patterns for my investment
casting processes.

Lots of good wishes!


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