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<< Hello RP list,
 I am looking for a picture or website with a picture of the FDM process, not
 the machine. Every time I find a link that seems to have a picture, the
 pages are no longer accessible. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
 Thank you in advance,
 Michelle D. Soltysik
 Graduate Research Assistant
 Dept. of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
 The Pennsylvania State University
 310 Leonard Building
 University Park, PA 16802
 Fax: (814) 863-4745
Dear Michelle:

We have schematics of all the processes on our web site.

 <A HREF="">Worldwide Guide to Rapid
Prototyping Resources</A> in case the link above is illegible.

Follow the links to Patents / Introd to RP Technology.

You may download and use the .gif images. Please mention that they are
copyright CIC. If you'd like something sharper, I can send you the B&W
source versions that were done originally in MS Word.


Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.
19 Pondview Road
Arlington, MA 02474 USA
781-646-6280 (voice or fax) (email)

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