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Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 19:52:38 EEST

Their was a closely guarded secret at the RP&M show in Rosemont. A Restaurant
in the lower level called Expo-teria. the food was very good, and the prices
were very reasonable. When I went there for lunch there were only three
customers in the whole place (plus they had a smoking section for us
addicts). The line upstairs at the expo cafateria was halfway around the
room. Hopefully when the show comes back to Chicago everyone will remember
this little tidbit and maybe Ill get a free lunch or something for mentioning
it. When in Chicago always ask the natives where the best places are. Chicago
is a great town but if you don't know where to go it can be very expensive.
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering

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<< The only thing that really sucked at the show was the $7.25
mini-soda/hotdog /nachos meal deal at the concession stand.
 Take it easy and thanks in advance for any helpful responses.
 Ron Clemons
 Harvest Technologies
 "Where Innovation Takes Shape" >>

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