Re: Objet

From: Steven (
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 02:19:51 EEST

I hope other RP companies are taking lessons from all the interest Objet has
generated from this list. Especially you 3D Systems. The excitement is
regarding the following features:

2)Low Cost

Notice that very few people seem to care about the build size. You all seem
misguided in your quest for larger build envelopes. The number of people
willing and able to buy your $100,000+ machines are limited to the few large
corporations with MAJOR R&D budgets.

It is time to stop catering to the early adopters of RP and look forward down
the road to the mass of RP buyers wanting these other features.

Especially upsetting is this talk about 3D Systems stopping technology that
appears beneficial to me. It is one thing to use your patents to stop others
from infringing on your technology but to use them to block progress when you
appear to have no intention of building a support free office 3D printer seems
like a poor use of intellectual property.

Listen to the voices.

Steven Pollack
President, Digital Jeweler(tm) inc.

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