SLAs from new Somos 9100 resin

From: Prototech Engineering, Inc. (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 19:22:34 EEST

Dear RPML,

Prototech Engineering, Inc. is now offering SLAs made from the newly
released DSM Somos 9100 resin. Somos 9100 resin has mechanical
properties similar to polypropylene. The toughness and flexibility of
this new material makes it ideal for a wide variety of prototyping

For additional information click here:

If you need to order SLAs made from this material, or if you would like
a material specification sheet, call Prototech Engineering at

Thank you,

Tim Bush
VP / Director of Business Development
Prototech Engineering, Inc.
7233 Adams Street
Willowbrook, Illinois 60521

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