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Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 22:04:40 EEST

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        A very easy way to get an instant quote is with

        You can easily upload your STL file and select the process of your
        and quantity to get an instant quote. You can also order the part
        immediately if you desire.

        Ron Hollis

        Ronald L. Hollis, P.E., Inc
        1580 Sparkman Drive, Ste 212
        Huntsville, AL 35816
        831-401-2492 (FAX)

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        Robert Link
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        I am looking for a FDM & SLA quote. I only need one part 8 x 4 x2
in. I have
        a STL file I can send.
        Please contact:

        Robert Link
        Senetech Development Inc.
        716-674-5300 ext 11

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