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DTM Press Release

                                                  No. 04/2000

? April 18th, 2000

DTM European SLS Selective Laser Sintering User's Group to Hold Annual
Conference In September.
Group to Meet in Paris, France to Discuss State-of-the-Art in SLS Materials And

The European SLS Selective Laser Sintering User's Group will hold its annual

conference September 21st and 22nd, 2000 in Paris, France at the ?Lycée

technologique régional Diderot?. Speakers from DTM and other participants will

present information on the latest applications of Selective Laser Sintering

technology in industry and research.

More on the 2000 SLSUG Conference

The two-day conference will feature presentations on customer applications from

OEM's, service providers, and on-going research initiatives at universities and

research labs throughout the world. DTM Europe will also lead sessions covering

all of its materials, as well as state-of-the-art processing and finishing

techniques. The SLS Users Group is a non-profit group that promotes the

application of Selective Laser Sintering technology to speed and enhance the

process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing new products and

components. The group is comprised of individuals from companies and

organizations that own Sinterstation systems manufactured by DTM Corporation of

Austin, Texas, USA.

The annual SLS Users Group brings together a diverse group of users to discuss

the latest application advances and processing and finishing techniques relating

to the SLS process. The informal environment allows participants to speak with

others face-to-face and creates a forum where users are kept up to date on the

latest advances in the SLS world.

About DTM

DTM develops, manufactures, and markets advanced rapid prototyping and
manufacturing systems, including the Sinterstation 2500plus. All Sinterstation
systems utilize a process called SLS selective laser sintering and any of
several plastic or metal SLS materials to create 3-D objects from computerized
designs. Manufacturers throughout the world, in a range of industries, use
Sinterstation systems and the SLS process to rapidly create three-dimensional
prototypes, parts, and tooling for their products. DTM?s products are sold,
serviced, and supported directly through DTM in North America, the United
Kingdom, Germany, and Japan and through distributors worldwide. For more
information on the 2000 SLS Users Group Meeting in Paris, please contact us at
Hilden, Germany or Birmingham, UK.

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