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Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 10:10:32 EEST

All you need to do is seal the parts and paint it with a silver loaded
conductive paint. Once you have done this any normal electroplating shop
will be able to plate it for a few dollars!

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Good morning all. We may need to get 4 to 5 relatively small SLS DuraForm
parts metal coated in chrome, nickel, brass or something like that. We've
gotten a quote of ~ $4000 to coat ~$450-worth of prototypes, which seems
high to me. Any suggestions as to where we could get this done more
As an aside, I thought the RP&M show at Rosemont was pretty cool. It was
good to meet many of our customers, competitors and fellow-RPML'rs. The
booth that I found most interesting was Stratasys' because of its nifty
samples. Although the RP/RM technologies have not fulfilled the lofty hopes
of many (i.e. production parts produced at Kinkos for little dinero), the
quality of materials and parts gets a little better each year across the
board. The only thing that really sucked at the show was the $7.25
mini-soda/hotdog /nachos meal deal at the concession stand.
Take it easy and thanks in advance for any helpful responses.

Ron Clemons
Harvest Technologies
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