3D Rapid Prototyping Patents 2000

From: ChathamRes@aol.com
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 23:33:44 EEST

3D Rapid Prototyping Patents 2000

 Chatham Research is pleased to announce the availability of 3D Rapid
Prototyping Patents 2000 for Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT 4.0. For the
details, please go to http://members.aol.com/ChathamRes/ChathamRes.html

This database and search software consists of 615 patents in CD ROM format on
the technology area of rapid prototyping/solid freeform fabrication. The
graphic quality of the patents is identical to that available from the US
Patent Office, but all of the patents can be full text searched in a matter
of seconds.

3D RP Patents has grown from a collection of 285 patents in the 1998 version
to 615 patents in the latest release.

For purchasers of previous versions of 3D RP Patents, we can upgrade you to
the latest version at a special price. Please send an Email requesting the
upgrade price to ChathamRes@aol.com

Chatham Research

For more information about the rp-ml, see http://ltk.hut.fi/rp-ml/

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