Information about International RP conference in Japan and related Event

Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 16:12:15 EEST

Dear Sirs,

We Japanese will do the international conference during 12 to 13 in June.


At that time the 11th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Exp.


will be play to show the RP machine and venders.

If you want to get free ticket, you had better contact with them

(Probably you shall get free ticket from the vender during conference)

will present during 14,15 and 16 in July at the Tokyo International

Exhibition Center, named Tokyo Big Site


is a little bit distance from the Kamata, where is the place of PIO (main

Center of International RP conference). You had better check details.

Best regards,

Imamura (shadow of RPJP)

PS Reference

O Kamata is in the ota-city in Tokyo.

O Narita air port

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