Re: Build Time Estimator

From: Ken Zukley (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 16:37:40 EEST

Greetings Ian:

The folks at Ga.Tech. have an excellent Windows version of the build time estimator.  It works equally well on '98 and NT (the judges are still out on the 2000 compatability).  You will find this version and the older UNIX programs on the GA Tech. Web site

Many thanks to the gang at Georgia Tech for this new product.  It has been accurate to within minutes and runs in a flash.  It uses information from the range(.r) and vector (.v) files generated by both 3D Maestro and Lightyear programs.  Time estimates using .bff files need to be run on the Buildstation software that can be loaded as a desktop application on NT workstations.

Hope this helps


Ken Zukley
InterPRO Rapid Technologies

At 11:43 AM 04/28/2000 +0100, Ian Unwin wrote:
Since upgrading to IRIX 6.5 on my Indigo², by build time estimator does not work - could just be corrupted!
Can anyone point me to a website where I can download a new copy?
Is there an NT version anywhere out there?
Ian Unwin  IEng MIIE

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