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Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 09:44:33 EEST

Dear RPers,

I am Calvin Hur of INUS Technology, Inc.
We have just announced a new product named "RapidForm2000."
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and enjoy many innovative things from RapidForm2000.


INUS Technology, Inc. Ships RapidForm2000
RapidForm2000 Implies the Spirit of Pioneer in 3D Reverse Engineering
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INUS Technology, Inc. announces the official release of RapidForm2000, a new version of their 3D reverse modeler for the Windows platform. The key theme driving RapidForm2000 functionality is reverse engineering process innovation that is From Point Cloud to NURBS surfaces via Polygon mesh.
¡°RapidForm2000 is not just a new product. It¡¯s an innovation for the reverse engineering process. RapidForm2000 allows a user to build a practically feasible 3D model of defect-free and high quality polygon or freeform NURBS model from 3D point cloud or messy polygon meshes just in time. Time and cost savings can be dramatic in every application fields with our software,¡± explains Seockhoon Bae, CEO of INUS Technology, Inc.
RapidForm2000 provides 4 different Workbenches each of which covers 3D reverse modeling works step by step. Those are 1) 3D scanned data processing, 2) polygon cleaning, editing and optimization, 3) polygon-to-NURBS converting, and 4) Rapid Prototyping work preparing. In addition, a wide variety of standard data format support guarantees seamless data import and export to subsequent jobs.


Major cutting-edges
Polygon-to-untrimmed/trimmed NURBS conversion with high accuracy and wide area covering

At last, a new breed of RapidForm2000 enables you to convert a polygon region to 2,3,4,5,6, or even 100-sided single NURBS patch, which has been not possible before with any other solution. Furthermore, one of other fundamental problems of "Polygon-to-NURBS" approaches is completely resolved. That is, to increase converting accuracy, a large number of NURBS patches are required or to reduce the number of patches, there is no choice but to losing accuracy. However, thanks to RapidForm2000, high accuracy Polygon-to-NURBS converting with extremely small number of NURBS patches becomes possible. RapidForm2000 guarantees maximum deviation between polygon and NURBS up to 0.01 mm. Practically, you can get NURBS model satisfying 0.05~0.5mm accuracy with controlling smoothness even covering complex regions.
Unique utilities for NURBS surfacing
N-boundary hole filling with NURBS surface

Another world's first NURBS surface modeling functionality is introduced. RapidForm2000 is able to create a single trimmed NURBS patch which fills a region having unlimited number of surrounding surface boundaries while preserving continuity condition. Practically, not all of the polygon region function as critical design features. Therefore, after you complete to obtain all the important surfaces from polygon, just fill the surface gaps with RapidForm2000's stunning "N-boundary NURBS filling" and "blending" functionalities to uncap surface patch network and transfer the final result to CAD/CAM or other subsequent applications. In addition, you can find out that RapidForm2000's result surface network is the most similar to that of CAD modeling compare to other reverse engineering applications.
Tangent continuity matching for multiple NURBS patches with preserving original number of control points
RapidForm2000 provides G1 matching( tangent matching ) between multiple adjacent NURBS surfaces. Of course, some applications are available that provides the same feature. However, RapidForm2000 is absolutely different for a couple of reasons. The one is that, RapidForm2000 does not change the number of control points or degree of target surfaces after the matching. And the other is that, RapidForm2000 can solve the surface corner matching at once. That is, just pick all the neighboring NURBS patches whose number of control points might be different from each other to match the continuity. That's all. RapidForm2000 automatically does the rest.
Large data handling
Effective management of massive polygon data is indispensable capability to meet the current 1,000,000 polygon era's market needs. For just an example, RapidForm2000's cutting edge "memory-less decimation" capability enables 1,000,000 polygon data to be reduced to 50,000 polygons( 95% reduction ) in less than 2 minutes while preserving its shape details and mesh quality on Pentium III, 256 Mega-byte main memory environment.
Powerful polygon modeling features for making 3D scan data ready-to-use
3D scan data is prone to become messy because creasy edges and obstacle regions are, wish few exceptions, barely possible to capture reliable geometries. So, to get application-ready models from 3D scan data. The first step is ,without a doubt, to clean up and optimize polygon data. This is the reason why RapidForm2000 is the right solution to maximize the 3D scan data modeling productivity. RapidForm2000 provides creasy boundary edge reconstruction, smooth hole filling, mesh integrity enhancement, and many unique and sophisticated polygon modeling and editing functionalities.


Pricing and Availability
RapidForm2000 is available immediately. RapidForm2000 is available worldwide as a multi-platform license for Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 98, and Windows NT. Prices are set locally and will vary according to reseller, region, volume, and available promotions.


Junghoon(Calvin) Hur, Ph.D.

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