Fabbers to transform the Internet

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Digital Manufacturing to Transform the Internet

     LOS ANGELES, May 1, 2000 — Marshall Burns, founder and president of
Ennex Corporation, will participate in opening the 8th European Conference
on Rapid Prototyping in Paris, France, on May 3 with his new keynote
presentation, entitled "Atoms from Bits—The Digital Revolution in
Manufacturing." Burns will also give the industry briefing on Internet
delivery of physical products at the Congress on the Future of Engineering
Software in Scottsdale, Arizona, on May 18.

     “Digital manufacturing makes real, physical products from digital
information, atoms from bits,” says Burns. “The Internet is a network of
instant gratification, but it’s limited to communicating information
products. The Internet today can’t deliver physical goods. That is about to

     Companies like Kozmo.com are beginning to offer same day delivery of
products ordered on the Web. But their services require a fleet of trucks or
motor scooters, not to mention warehouses and complex logistics operations.
The Kozmo or SameDay.com business concept is firmly rooted in the last
century. Digital manufacturing is the 21st-century way to deliver products
to customers. It will render much of what we know about 20th-century
industry obsolete.

     Burns is a physicist and successful entrepreneur, who started the first
manufacturer of PC clone computers in 1982. He started Ennex Fabrication
Technologies in 1991 and wrote the leading book on digital manufacturing the
following year. The book was published by Prentice Hall, and the company
became Ennex Corporation in 1998.

     The European Conference on Rapid Prototyping (Assises2000), organized
by the French Rapid Prototyping Association, is one of Europe’s largest
events on computer-aided design and digital manufacturing. Information can
be found at http://www.Art-of-Design.com/assises2000.

     The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES2000) is a
unique event produced by three leading gurus of computer-aided design. Joel
Orr, Brad Holtz, and Evan Yares decided to organize the three-day meeting
after receiving enthusiastic feedback to a CAD-industry “summit” held last
year. COFES (pronounced “CO-fez”) carries on the work of the summit,
bringing together vendors, users, and industry experts in a decidedly
non-conference setting. The congress features objective-based matching of
participants for group discussions as well as private meetings. The roster
of technical experts and industry pundits attending reads like a Who’s Who
of the engineering software business. Information is available at

     Ennex Corporation develops new technology for digital manufacturing,
particularly focused on digital fabricators or “fabbers.” A fabber is a
“factory in a box” that makes things automatically. It uses digital data
from a computer to “fab” models and products automatically. It’s like a
computer printer, but instead of printing a picture on a flat sheet of
paper, it fabs real things in real, solid material. For more information,
visit http://www.Ennex.com.

     Burns’ Paris and Scottsdale appearances this month will be the first
public presentation of new material on the "Atoms from Bits" theme. Burns
will explain how fabbers and the other tools of digital manufacturing will
transform the Internet from a network of information to a network for the
physical delivery of real products.


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