Mass Customization

From: Peter del Rio (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 07:40:22 EEST

Marshall & Glenn,

I read your comments about mass customization and realized you were
predicting a future that already exists now. At you can have
apparel mass customized for you - guaranteed to fit - in any style, fit and
fabric/color. What enables IC3D to design for each individual customer is
the use of GENN - a Genetically Engineered Neural Network. is the first and leading retailer of made-to-order,
made-to-measure apparel on the Internet. Founded in 1996, IC3D has
developed and perfected true made-to-measure jeans and has received product
validation from Good Housekeeping and business model validation from the
Federal Reserve Bank. The core vision is - the Internet automates
everything and IC3D is the apparel company that will automate clothing for
the masses.

The Internet levels the playing field therefore new companies with new
technologies can now offer their wonders to the world.

The future is now...

Best wishes,


Peter del Rio
Founder & CEO

Interactive Custom Clothes Company
224 West 30th, Suite 1001
New York, New York 10001

tel (212) 279-8939
fax (212) 279-1440


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