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From: Charles Norton (cnorton@ncpleasing.com)
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 17:43:46 EEST

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>Subject: Warning: Virus alert
> computer virus spread by e-mail
> messages titled "ILOVEYOU"
> infected U.S., Asian and
> European computers today,
> apparently hitting public
> relations firms and investment banks in Asia
>particularly hard.
> The virus appeared in Hong Kong late in the
> spreading throughout e-mail systems once a
>user opened one of
> the contaminated messages.
> Nomura International (HK) Ltd. in Hong Kong
>was affected,
> an analyst there said, as was Nomura's London
>office. In Asia,
> Dow Jones Newswires and the Asian Wall Street
>Journal were
> among the victims.
> "It crashed all the computers," said Daphne
>Ghesquiere, a Dow
> Jones spokeswoman in Hong Kong. "You get the
>message and
> the topic says ILOVEYOU, and I was among the
>stupid ones to
> open it. I got about five at one time and I
>was suspicious, but
> one was from Dow Jones Newswires, so I opened
> Once the message was opened, Ghesquiere said,
>it began
> sending the virus to other e-mail addresses
>within the Dow
> Jones computers, blocking people's ability to
>send and receive
> e-mail. Victims sometimes received dozens of
>e-mails, all
> contaminated.
> "I have no idea how it got through the
>firewall," Ghesquiere
> said. "It's supposed to be protected."
> The virus was spreading in Europe as well. In
>Denmark, the
> parliament, telecom company Tele Danmark,
>channel TV2 and
> the Environment and Energy Ministry were all
>affected starting
> this morning.
> "We have no clue how it got in," said Hugo
>Praestegaard of the
> Environment and Energy Ministry.
> Credit Suisse First Boston issued a global
>e-mail memo warning
> employees not to open the messages, said
>company official
> Tom Grimmer in Hong Kong. He said the virus
>had not
> infiltrated the investment bank's computer
>Hesh Wiener
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