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From: Alain BERNARD (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 10:34:30 EEST

Dear Chris,

I think this topic is not of topic for the list.
According to me, inspection is one of the means necessary for validation of
many of processes and we need more rapid, accurate and efficient means and
methodologies in order to be able to measure parts, molds, patterns, and so
This market is a very "historical" market with many CMM machines installed
for dimensionnal and geometrical control of "simple" shapes on parts.
I hope that many researchers and companies will continue improving this
during the next years, in order to extend applications to complex shapes.
Some good PhD works and a few application developments are in progress in
this way.

So, I think that many of us are interested in knowing the level and
location of inspection market.

Best Regards,


>I am looking for information (reports etc) or key contacts in the world to
>help me clearly define the state of play within Inspection (Metrology)
>markets. This would need to include hardware (Coordinate Measuring Machines
>(CMM's)), retrofitting business, and associated inspection software.
>I would like to find out more about the geographical distribution of the
>market and the split of manual machines to CNC machines.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated
>Chris Lawrie
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