uRapid 2000 - International User's Conference from 29th to 31st May in Berlin/Germany

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Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 15:46:58 EEST


uRapid 2000 from 29th to 31st May in Berlin/Germany
International User's Conference on
Rapid Prototyping & Rapid Tooling & Rapid Manufacturing

Dear Ladies and Gentlemens,

Positive results in the development and marketing of innovative products

indicate, that especially by using Rapid-Technologies, reconfigurable
concepts and solutions for the competitiveness of many industries and
enterprises can be designed. Meanwhile efficient and practicable
high-technological integration solutions for Rapid Prototyping, Rapid
Tooling and Rapid Manufacturing are being available in nearly all fields

of the consumption good industry and the investigation good industry.
These one most modern procedure, process and design strategies for a
quick, customer flexible and efficient realization of product and tool
development. Not only the model and prototype manufacturing profit by
this, but more and more pilot series development and production
solutions for small and medium production numbers. Success models are
hereby characterized by an extreme time and cost reduction and are
worldwide used. Not only being of an American or Far East origin, they
especially come from Europe and Germany. Resulting of the fast and
dynamically growing development in these high tech fields, the
connection to this progress can be easily missed.

The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Europe's largest organization for applied
and industrial related researches and its of 12 institutes consisting
research association - the Fraunhofer Allianz Rapid Prototyping - give
significant impulses to develop and apply these advanced Rapid concepts.

This explains why the Fraunhofer Allianz Rapid Prototyping feels
responsible to make the solutions usable for a wide industrial
utilization. With the International User's Conference uRapid 2000 from
29th to 31st May 2000 in Berlin, concepts and solutions will be
presented to the enterprises. Advanced, innovative rapid experiences
being there "to touch" will be interdisziplinary represented by means of

successful application. A conference concurrent exhibition supports the
practical know how transfer. You should really not miss this important
platform of an international exchange of experiences.

As promoters and organizers of the uRapid 2000 we would like to welcome
you in Berlin, the pulsating metropolis of Germany. Beside a wide range
of topics, a versatile program is expecting you.

With best regards

Fraunhofer IFF, Magdeburg
Prof. Hermann Kühnle, Executive Institute Director

Fraunhofer-Allianz Rapid Prototyping
Dr. Rudolf Meyer, Coordinator
Phone +49 (0) 3 91/40 90-510
Telefax +49 (0) 3 91/40 90-512
E-mail: meyer@iff.fhg.de

Address: Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation
Sandtorstrasse 22, 39106 Magdeburg, Germany

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